Just floating in from Steve Bugs Poker Flat Recordings is a test pressing of the labels latest release - a remix 12" containing four different tracks from Alex Niggemanns recent "Paranoid Funk" album, well proving that there's a constant change and evolution in what's provided musically via Poker Flat Recordings as this is the second release after Boris Dlugoschs' "Knalldrang" that's branching out into a slightly different direction. Although far away from being mainstream these remixes - crafted by the likes of Alex Flatner & Lopazz, Francys, Andre Lodemann and Salvatore Freda - seem to be a little more accessible by a wider audience compared to some of the previous releases, focusing on deeper and more melodic aspects of a kind of electronic music that might be referred to as "House" and, equally important, featuring at least a few vocal parts somewhere in the back of the mixdown which is always a big plus when it comes to taking the hearts of non-clubbing audiences. ClubHouse might be a proper term to define this one as it's neither full on techy nor deep and soft enough to be filed under the DeepHouse flag. And I think this one's a grower, one that might not be felt at first by the labels core followers in their local record store but is about to convince these when they'll get their taste of paranoid funk on the floor - at a point the music's really loud and storming.
[baze.djunkiii / www.nitestylez.de]     

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