Having moved on from being the ElectroPunk-focused label of the early days the Hamburg-based Audiolith Records has transformed into an ever growing outfit for all kinds of good music that more recently embraced styles like HipHop with a political, leftwing attitude, proper Punkrock as well as Drum'n'Bass and - that's what we're talking here - 4/4 based electronic club music that can be filed under the flag of DeepHouse , SlowHouse and/or (Neo)Cosmic by specialists with two releases that surely are sticking out these days. First of all it's Rampue's latest solo 12" release named "Mama Was A Progrocker" that perfectly showcases his ability to amalgamize sweet, heart touching melodies, lovely vocal cut-ups and overall beauty with club and open air functionality whilst developing a unique and overall seductive musical language of his own. Especially the EPs title track "Mama Was A Progrocker" is an essetial work of art but tunes like "That's", "Katz Und Maus" and "Find Someone" are as good as gold, too.
The second essential club shot from the Audiolith camp these days is Volume 3 of the labels Stiff Little Spinners 12" series featuring six not to miss tunes including Gimmix' uplifting TechHouse / Future Garage fusion "Bonnie", Torsun Teichgräber's tongue-in-cheek "Dr.Sommer" with its warm, overwhelmingly embracing bassline and Kalipo's analogue workout "Fraktal" amongs others. Strictly limited, highly recommended and not to be repressed.
[baze.djunkiii / www.nitestylez.de]

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