Slowly but steadily emerging from the bass music underground is Hamburgs latest Stadium-Drum'n'Bass / Dubstep crossbreed named BRAZED which have been have been signed to the legendary and ever active Audiolith stable recently after contributing remixes for acts like Ira Atari - this rework solo-crafted by BRAZED founding member BadBoy Zoniy was opening the labels doors for BRAZED - , HipHop-outfit Neonschwarz or the IndieRock-outfit Fuck Art, Let's Dance! and it's pretty obvious that their tunes are about to take the rave scene by storm due to their massive full-on approach. Maybe devasting bass music is not everyone's cup of tea but they're serving flawlessly in technical manners plus their tunes fully fueled with energy as their track "Remainder" easily proves here. Plus: it's quite a sweet, spooky video that perfectly  fits to the halloween craze happening in the streets today.

If you can stand this one energywise and feel that there's need for more check out their uber-sick "Power Hour" mix that features a bunch of 60 tracks in 60 minutes. Three decks are used here and not one second of silence for old men. They've got some power.
[baze.djunkiii /]

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