The mysterious Dr NoiseM, a producer dedicated to - guess what? - mostly Noize-driven electronics has most recently unveiled his first hate-fueled "Studio Works"-album which is, at least as far as we know, his first release that does feature dancefloor suitable beats although these dancefloors are only crowded by the headstrong and sick minded as the opening MonoAcid / TechNoize assault "Hate, Prosperty And Sex" suggests. And talking the seven more tracks to follow the audio war continues - a grinding maelstrom heavier than Alec Empire's releases put out under his Jaguar-moniker, partly more fucked up than the legendary Madonna 303 & Gizz T.V. collaboration on the one-off Mass-Turbator imprint and, as the album progresses, a journey into pure, beatless but still rhythm induced HarshNoize pulses accompanied by sick vocal samples taken of preachers speeches, TV documentaries and other angsty transmissions, short but epic breakdowns, and well-dosed volume changes that'll un-please the listeners ear for sure. Not recommended to souls anxious and disturbed.

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