The mysterious, anonymous Dr. NoiseM is back with the fourth emission of his "Studio Works"-series which has been released in early March. Mainly focusing on Rhythmic Noize and distorted Rhythm Industrial this time alongside some structures that might by described as Harsh IDM with a galopping TechnoCore twist, tracks like "Noise Catapult" defo serve dancefloors jam packed with kids that are not alright with its hectic approach whilst "Payday" starts like a 70s sci-fi sound effect before thin but sharp claps are clanging all over the place whilst heavy electroid Noize provides enough bass for the sickest Breakcore / Anarchcore crowd imaginable. "Sabotage" captures sounds from a 23rd century construction site and takes these as source material to build a heavy beat skeleton banging on to the headstrong like a roto hammer. Compared to that the ringing, bubbling sounds from an alien swamp accompanied by tilting data modems found in "Syntaris Exit" seem like heavenly Ambient due to their beatlessness but still provide enough disturbing potential to puzzle 95+% of the people which wouldn't refer to this as music at all. A track like this would make a great score for extraterrestrial combat sequences whilst the killer "Unt 61" is more the total destruction kind of thing, the full on blow up after alien disaccord experienced in the quirky antecedent "Taktfrequenz". Later on we see electroid bees exploring unknown terrain - "Untitled 59" -, alien birds respond to scampering nanobugs, more Rhythm Electro as we'd put it for a track like "Vampire" before it bursts into wild, grinding madness. Furthermore we'll find heavy pure Noize pieces, total electronic mayhem and - talking the closing tune here - an orchestra of echoing modulations of fragmentary language snippets. Heavy, but good.
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