Usually we're not the ones to blow the horns on rumours but as - still unconfirmed - news were flying in that the Hannover-based producer and self-proclaimed worst DJ of the planet Inapt is about to close his Restroom Records and mailorder shop after more than 10 years in business we'd like to wave goodbye to one of most uncompromising labels on the german electronic music circuit. Providing harsh and partly unpleasant but still dancefloor rocking sound in between Hardcore, DarkJungle, Breakcore and related music the imprint has been home to a big range of artists including Zombieflesheater, The Man Unknown, LFO Demon, Vojeet, Stormtrooper, the russian Digital Hardcore-pioneers Ambassador 21 and many others and will be missed by a ***core related scene dedicated to a non-commercial and diy-attitude. We're still hoping that these rumours are to be proved wrong.
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