Dr. Walker kindly asked me to introduce myself to the PsyKi audience when I joined the team of contributors and I've been making up my mind on this issue for a while now. Usually I've been using the short description of "DJ - Producer - Label Manager - Networking Person - Music Journalist" to roughly state what it is that I'm doing and although I'm passing on the DJ-side of things now it might still work, not only because I can't think of a shorter and catchier phrase right now.

Brought up on a diet of electronic music since about 1986/87 discovering the emerging Acid-/ChicagoHouse and NuBeat scene whilst being in primary school still I bought my first records in 1990 (Snap - World Power / Depeche Mode - Violator) and started to hit clubs and raves about two years after that aged 14. First mixtapes were recorded in 1995/6 and after I moved to Hamburg in 1997 DJ'ing soon became a profession (still addicted to vinyl & dubplates...) that lasted until early 2012 and took me to clubs from the very north to the very south of Germany and even to Greece a few times. I've been hosting radio shows on FSK / Hamburg and ByteFM for years, setting up shows & events and I'm still - after more than 10 years - to be found behind the sales counter of Hamburgs Otaku Records, launched my label Intrauterin Recordings (plus a now defunct subsidiary named Intrauterin Tapes) in 1999 and worked on a small run of productions and remixes for several underground labels. Throughout all these years I've always been contributing reviews for online and print publications like e.g. FAZE Magazine and most of all have been running www.nitestylez.de as a hub for news and reviews in what I'd like to file under the flag of  "Quality [Electronic] Music" these days. 

DJ-wise I've been playing in places like Tresor / Berlin, Club Camouflage / Cologne, Hafenklang / Hamburg, Floral Liberal / Athens, Fuckparade, Fusion & Lovefield Festival and many many more alongside acts like Air Liquide, Tanith, Aquasky, Shackleton, Digital Mystikz, Frittenbude, Sonic Dragolgo, Peace Off-Crew and a countless string of others. 

Apart from all that the "networking person" in me works freelance for several labels and artists, helping out with backoffice issues, translations, release & artist infos and daily business. And I'm still for hire, so hit me up no matter if you're from the electronic or indie side of the music business. Plus: as a side kick I'm branching out into arts and translations / transcripts for films & television these days.

To cut things short, that's what baze.djunkiii is about. Not to mention a growing passion for whisky / bourbon / rye and rum. 

And now - let's have some music. 100 % vinyl and quite a wild set recorded back in 2004.

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