You're a fan of sterile, dark grinding SloMo Techno? You're appreciating the ultra tense, hard hitting works of acts like Pan Sonic as much as you do love the monotonously hypnotic, ever meandering first 12"es put out anonymously by Mr. Fred Bigot, now better known as Electronicat? And you do about know the deep, intelligent listening music once served by producers like Nommo Ogo on now defunct labels like Dyslexic Response? If you've been nodding your head three times in a row now and you're able to figure how an amalgamation of these influences would sound like on top of a dry, varied foundation of 4/4 bassdrums with a undeniably cold, alienating approach from the far future that never stops you're well likely to crank your soundsystem to the max after you purchased this great twelve track album that puts Raster-Noton'esque, clearly defined sound aesthetics on the dancefloor but is also giving room for warm, floating Ambient spheres as to be found in the beatless approach of the fourth track yet untitled on the promotional CDr sitting in our CD deck right now. But actually this break is only short lived as more  dry, this time acidic hypnosis emerges from the beatless realms only to introduce the next straightforward excess on concrete bunker floors with no lights and loads and loads of rusty metal on the walls served by David Letellier a.k.a. Kangding Ray on his fourth longplay effort within eight years. Sacred machine music recommended for those who like to explore life on the dark side.      
[baze.djunkiii /]

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