News have it that New Yorks Mr. Carlos Abraham Duque Alcivar a.k.a. Kirlian a.k.a. Fantastico a.k.a. The Tension Posse a.k.a. Abe Duque, defender of the NYC underground and part of the influential Rancho Relaxo Allstars collective, is about to release a new album named "Rules For The Modern DJ" on his very own Abe Duque Records imprint on May 13th. The eleven track longplay piece starts of with two superb pieces of Electronica - especially the "Paranormal Dejavu" is a seductive trip into the psychedelic realms of dark and broken Acid - and features a shitload of totally tripped out ProgTechno tracks that will be well appreciated by flourescent people attending so-called DarkPsy open airs set up illegally somewhere in the depths of the woods. And yes, some deep, tripping Acid(Trance) is to be found here as well. Watch out.  
[baze.djunkiii /]

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