Scheduled for release via the Offenbach-based imprint Connaisseur Recordings on May 30th is "Accretion", the debut album of Vegard Wolf Dyvik and Carl Christian Steenstrup produced under their conjunctional moniker Of Norway which is surely about to please all lovers of dreamy, well cinematic (Tech)House with the nine tracks that are following up to the 7 minute Ambient landscape provided by the albums opener "Yours Is A History Of Violence". Especially the epic "Spirit Lights" featuring the remarkable vocal talents of Linnea Dale is one of the tunes which'll attract some major attention due to its decent, deep but still driving and partly ritual athmosphere that's not too far away from Beanfield's all time classic "Tides" in its seminal Carl Craig re-interpration and so does the emotionally overwhelming "Love Is Over" with a huge, vibrant, seductive bassline, modulating, Acid-infused synths and discoid guitar licks falling together as a perfect sunrise anthem for an open air season yet to come whilst the hypnotic "Last Night (I Dreamt A Placid Dream)" clearly aims at a prime time audience fallen in love with the stripped down Minimal Funk once proclaimed by musical pioneers like Steve Bug and - at the same times - pays tribute to Jaydee's ProtoTrance anthem "Plastic Dreams". With "Trampoline" featuring Malin Pattersen on vocals Of Norway manage to get all ingredients right to produce what's meant to be a major future club hit within the scene and round off things for a quality longplay debut which will be widely praised amongst a broad spectrum of electronic music fans for a reason.
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