Scheduled for release on September 5th via the Cat Werk Imprint is "Beauty Sleep", the fifth full-length album workout of Olivia Louvel which approaches the realms of mystical, haunted, probably even bewitched and defo song-induced Downtempo / TripHop under the influence of a few folk'ish, ritual and sometimes even theatrical elements and the occasional Bjørk'ish, experimental eruptions touched by Noize and playful electronics alike - see especially track 3, "Bloody", for this one which is, alongside the intense Slow Rave jam "Polytypes Of Love", one of the most thrilling cuts on "Beauty Sleep". Returning to - twisted, but still - song format after her last album piece, it seems, at least according to the info sheet this is, that she's dealing with the overall concept of animalism on this one conceptually, although this might happen on the meta-side of things only as the lyrics do not unveil direct clues that point towards this conception. What Olivia Louvel unveils instead is one of the most fascinating song-bound albums we've heard in a while, one that really tells a s-t-o-r-y of cloudy forests, long lost secrets and scary spells, of hermaphroditic beings, supernatural powers and more supernatural mystery. Recommended.      
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