With the release of the „Verbatim EP“ produced by Pirate Audio Soundsystem-founder, Spiral Tribe-member and 69db co-founder James Hawley a.k.a Jack Acid the Paris-based BLIM Records is back for fall 2013, once again clearly emphasizing on the musical change that has been taking place since the labels relaunch.

With five tracks coming from the deepest US underground we are taken to the realm of raw, uncut and well experimental Techno grindings that – although not crossing the 130bpm mark – waves goodbye to the so called New Wave Of Techno and simply kicks the punters ass straightaway with dark layers of distortion, trainwrecking MonoAcid processing, grinding, dubbed out madness and well-tripping beats that take electronic music back to its very original habitats and rebrand the term of Electronic Body Music for the reason of being a 100% physical experience when blasting through a proper underground sound system.

Think of dark, rotten basements, abandoned industrial spaces and illegal raves taking place on 24th century battlefields – that's what the „Verbatim EP“ is all about. Can you take it?

Read James Hawley a.k.a. Jack Acid full interview here...
[baze.djunkiii / www.nitestylez.de]

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