Scheduled for early May on Hamburgs hfn music imprint is a massive digital only remix package including a compiled bunch of 13 remixes that have been crafted for the Danish Indie outfit Reptile Youth that have gathered a massive followship throughout a few years of massive touring and their acclaimed self-titled album which introduced the duo to a broader audience recently. The musical range of remixers seems to be as wide as the results of their work here including acts, projects and producers like S.C.U.M., Terranova, Mark E, Antonia Gram, Peaking Lights, Smash TV and Keep Shelly In Athens at the controls - all teaming up for a sweet little Indie meets Electronic fest here. If you're a fan of variation and remixes in general check this one out - especially for uplifting refixes provided by Kasper Bjørke and Broke.  
[baze.djunkiii /]

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