When it comes to the most productive underground producers ever Sascha Müller's name has to mentioned for sure as this guy has - according to discogs - amassed a massive back catalogue of 400+ releases within the past 15 years and with "1000003" he adds another great eight track piece to his immense musical history - this time dealing with short but uplifting and well-positive sketches dedicated to the ca. 1993/94 ClubHouse era with its jumping basslines, hardbag tempos and jubilating, high energy piano stabs that "keep a smile on your faces" as the great quote from Jens' alltime favorite "Loops & Tings" goes. Listening to this one my mind recalls drag queens going wild, punters getting loose, bodies covered in sweat and ecstasy and me and my innocent clubbing crush of 1994 having a great time whilst Celvin Rotane's "I Believe" was blasting in our favorite club of that era. Uh!
[baze.djunkiii / www.nitestylez.de]     

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