Forthcoming and scheduled for August 2013 ist the fourth release on Sascha Müllers self-run Sascha Müller Music-imprint, holding another three sweet tracks from his large archive of previously unreleased pieces. With "On The Run" he unleashes a trippy, hypnotic tune sweetly amalgamating Acid visions and Trance-induced spheres that are able to take you off into outer space whilst "Blueprint" fuses dry, unprocessed Chicago drumsets with an electroid twist and sweet background synths unveiling only an echo of Trance and melody for special late night moments that need a special kind of musical magick. Finally "Ice Man" can be filed under the flag of AmbientElectro with some deep 1998-like Electronica synths and sweet melancholia fused with frolicking beats and an ever spiralling 303-backing. Coffeetable Acid for autumnal sessions. We like this.
[baze.djunkiii /]   

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