Freshly released and available only as mp3 or CD on demand via Amazon is Sascha Müllers latest album output named "Freestyle Acid" and all those who do trust the works of this ever busy Acid activist which seems to have petabytes of unreleased tracks sitting somewhere in his vaults know what they're about to get with this one. Again, as one has to admit. Making waves with two sought after limited 7" releases on the Psychocandies label these days Sascha Müller rolls out the Acid vibe with a whole bunch of ten tracks here, all of them serving a quite stripped down and reduced to the max but still spiralling feel and - especially talking "Drumsequencer (Acid Mix)" and it's Tribal drums here - sometimes reminisces about projects like Steve Stolls HypnoAcid one-off-alias Datacloud or the shrieking madness unveiled by labels like Communique, Drop Bass Network or Labworks Germany which have been playing an influential if not essential role in the musical upbringing of this man from Uelsen / Germany which for some weird reason is not playing out much on the DJ circuit nor has a big overall reputation although discogs states an amount of 396 releases and appearances from 1998 until today, most of them on the digital circuit including 57 albums, 240 Singles / EP and vinyl releases on Gary Martins Teknotika Records, the Cologne-based Shot Tools, my own Intrauterin Recordings imprint and more recently on Shhhh Records. Most of these release cater a certain quality and an obviously raw analogue vibe, so one might guess that Sascha Müller spent a good amount of the 90s in semi-legal underground venues and at massive raves, inhaling the special spirit of a growing movement gaining momentum in excess and ecstasy that's still innate in his musical works. Big up. Me likey.
10/30/2012 4:08am

psychocandies - benannt nach dem gleichnamigen track von air liquide von 1994?

10/31/2012 1:40pm

da musst du den sascha fragen - ihr kennt euch doch auch. glaube ich.


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