Sascha Müller is back with a new release on his very own Super 6 Recordings imprint that is released in three formats these days: available as CDr, digital download and limited tape - yeah: cassette ! - edition. And once again he proves that he's a man that experienced the ruff experimentalism that used to happen throughout the nineties in every genre of electronic music although it might be hard to imagine for youngsters that even House went through some weirdness in these days and quirky beats, distortion attacks or high speed tribalism used to set dancefloors on fire. But it is true for sure and this is what this album is all about. There's weirdness, there's ClubTechno, there's stuttering beats at some points and there's speed but still in a lot of these tunes House music can be felt - more or less as sometimes there's only echoes of shadows of House but still: even in proper Techno bangers like "Rotation" it's the use of filters that are reminiscing to the golden era of uptempo French House paying respect to this musics roots. But there's even more to be found here - uber-compressed Acid, ass-shaking Tribal Techno, deep AcidTrance, dry Minimalism or Rave-infused TechnoPhonk. Sascha Müller totally nails the feel of an era with this one and it's an era that I personally do miss. Sweet.
[baze.djunkiii /]

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