Sascha Müller's 27th untitled album piece on his very own Super Six Records label once again serves a technoid menu of twelve tracks designed for straight dancefloor abuse. Starting with the metallic stomper "Online" the "Planet Riders" take over quickly searching for an uptempo thrill provided by big room basslines and seductive stabs in company with razor sharp hi-hats, morphing filters altering cosmic strings and constant pressure. With "Raumflug" - which translates as 'space travel' - we're entering Downtempo realms and approximately four minutes of relaxing chord works before superdry Techno drums and cowbells take us back to where our heart his whilst repetetive yet changing variations of the main synth motif work their way through unprocessed hi-hats and cheeping sinewave loops in "Relativity". As expected the "Gong  Part 03" - of which parts one and two were featured on previous albums - is an Ambient'ish affair based on singing bowls, "Sterntaler" comes up as playful'n'positive piece of Armchair Techno which might be described as a mixture of Plaid and early The Black Dog on top of a straight 4/4 structure with a 1993 or 1994 twist and "SBX33" takes this space journey even further with hypnotic, deep ass bass movemnets and dubbed out chord works. Going in as one of the shorter tracks on this album with a runtime of about four and a half minutes "Schalldruck" provides - as the track name suggests - proper pressure as a pretty hypnotic piece of classic Techno, followed by a more melancholia-driven, Electronica-leaning tune named "Schlag Durch Die Mitte" that works well alongside sweet little gems released via labels like Digital Kranky, Morr Music and related. With "See My Tears  (Club Mix)" Sascha Müller finally enters the Trance arena with what possibly would've been an anthem in the 90s featuring all the right amount of ingredients and drumrolls, although the main synth melody is quite cheesy when it comes to chord progressions. With "She Is Beautiful" we even have a kind of - surprising - homage to EuroDance bassline works in here before the final cut "Steneberg" relies on dreamy, Trance-inducing melodies and a deep seductive male vocal popping the "music with more muscle" over and over again to wave exhausted ravers goodby after a long night out. Proper work. We like.
[baze.djunkiii / / #scrt_brln]


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