It's hot outside so it's time to spread some summer'ish vibes in 'ere. Defo not the biggest fan of Skrillex as his midrange assaults taken the Dub off Dubstep but in this case it all makes sense. Never played this one out in public although I do own the 12" but despite that it's a killer tune for a reason. Large up.

And no, we're not starting a discussion on the so-called EDM-scene - not only because I used that term more than ten years ago to describe the wideranged musical spectrum I had planned to release via Intrauterin Recordings, although I had things in mind totally different from what's described as EDM today (quote from discogs: "Established in 1999 by Hamburger Drum'n'Bass DJ & producer baze.djunkiii as a vinyl outlet for EDM in general, followed by a now defunct sister label Intrauterin Tapes focusing on Drum'n'Bass, UK Garage & DarkJungle mixtape culture") but because no matter how crappy, cheesy and non-underground the EDM of now is, it is an echo of what was once called the utopian vision of a raving society. Electronic music went into the mainstream of pop culture now and if Techno and all these things hadn't happened in the nineties Mainstream Pop would defo sound different from what it sounds like now. And that's what ppl tend to forget easily. One might not like what happened but in the very end EDM is the result of our revolution. So are smartphones, 3D motion pictures, the use of certain fonts, fashion trends and much more, even the use of the internet and worldwide communication can be knotted to Techno as it was in these days 20 years ago that the idea of one global tribe was put into the minds of what became masses in the years after. 

We succeeded, kind of, although most of us had dreams that were way beyond what todays society is able to fulfill. And those who still dream those dreams are well welcome to join our tribe. We're here, building the future.
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