Recently released via the Outelectronics label is the debut album of the young producer Summed, better known as Filippo Bologna to his family and friends. Entitled "Left-Handed" his first longplay assault - and seemingly first ever release at all - is somewhat located in between the realms of deeper, pad-driven Electronica with a peaceful twist which have been entangled with raw, unprocessed and deeply experimental Dubstep vibes beatwise, reminiscing of the genres early days when  things weren't that formulaic and clearly defined as they are today. Although the subfrequent bass aspect is missing when it comes to most of the tracks one is easily able to find parallel aspects in "Left-Handed" and e.g. Distance's cold, groundbreaking early 2007 released classic album "My Demons" - which Mr. Bologna might count among his musical influences for a reason. But whilst Distance's sound aesthetics were clearly defined, well produced and set homogeneously to provide a dark'ish, mature and overall thrilling sci-fi atmosphere Summed's music lacks this mastership in sound design - yet. Especially the drum sounds and percussions seem to be fully unprocessed and so does the mixdown which is not that well-balanced as it could've been. This does not necessarily diminish the quality of Summed's music which showcases an interesting approach to build a bridge between Electronica and Bass Music but makes it less accessible and - in the long run - harder to listen to for a reason which, in this case, marks the difference between average and good for an album. But still one remains curious how Summed's musical evolution progresses throughout the next years as he might be one to watch out for in future times. Interesting.
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