Scheduled for December 2013 is the release of this sweet little digital four track piece spreading out over nearly 35 minutes of pretty raw and analogue Acid Funk with a feel for groove and the deeply rooted knowledge about hypnotizing repetitive effects as these tunes simply suck you in to another world where time and space work on a different level. Built from only a few but essential elements all of these tunes do not emulate the oldskool but make a clear statement of how specific structures are here to stay and how they're able to work ppls bodies and brains, even if they might have existed under the radar for a while. Especially the mindblowing "Acid Burns Untitled 3" is a storming experience that - if consumed through a huge PA on a certain loudness level - is able to reasonably alter one's perception of universal structures without one single beat. This... is a trip.  
[baze.djunkiii /]

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