News have it that the Hamburg based label Audiolith Records is back on the vinyl circuit these days unleashing two lovely 7" formats in their Audiolith Singles Club series. Whilst the split single "Sonne, Park & Sterni" / "Elbillharmonie" produced by Joney and Rampue is focusing on sounds in between (Neo)Cosmic, pumping but sweet seductive DeepHouse and huge slightly (Neo)Trance-induced breakdowns we'll see the likes of Tubbe and Fuck Art, Let's Dance! taking care of Indie girls in love as well as boiling hot ElectroClash floors with their songs "Maze" and "Mess". Both 7"es are limited to 500 copies worldwide.
Joney's "Elbillharmonie" is available as free download via Audioliths soundcloud page.
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