Ten years ago Mijk Van Dijk Ableton-crafted a seminal mix for the closing release of the legendary Hamburg-based Techno-/Trance-imprint Superstition Records which included bits and pieces taken of 74 (!!!) essential tunes from the labels back catalogue including anthems like Marmion "Schöneberg", Jens "Loops & Tings", Mijk's Magic Marble Box "Spring (The Wildlife)", Fred Gianelli "1st Premonition (DBX Remix)", Humate "3.1", D-Saw "Track 10:30", early works by Steve Bug and many others, all amalgamated into one storming journey through the labels - and overall Techno / Trance - history. News have it that this sweet little gem will be available again - a decade after its initial release - on the digital circuit from October 14th, 2013 onwards. We do approve of that.
[baze.djunkiii / www.nitestylez.de]   

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