Deeply and secretly embedded in the less than 20k citizens Austrian village of Ansfelden is the headquarter of Hirntrust Grind Media, one of the main organizations involved in international noize terrorism and grindforce operations happening world wide. With an ever growing arsenal of sonic weaponry including NoizeDub, Grindcore, Breakcore, LoFi Gabba, 8bit-driven Freetekno and Death Rap provided in black or vary colored vinyl multi clones of 7" format Hirntrust can be held responsible for aural ultraviolence, brutal distortion attacks, beat splicing, PA rape and overall anarchism. Further clones may be found as limited 5" grind plate lathe cuts or zombie cassettes labeled

as so-called Fuck You Tapes. Furthermore this so-called label provides branded combat shirts and dark but colourful material that can be used for visual propaganda and mind-bending devastation of the sane. Some of the sonic terrorists involved in brute activities are called names like Zombieflesheater - do not listen to the sonic material provided above ! - , Mickey Napalm, Duran Duran Duran which is not a Pop band, Passenger Of Shit, Eustachian or Skat Injector.

The latest and maybe most dangerous development within these questionable sonic activities is the inclusion and addition of American Death Rap "artists" like the NYC-based Kardiac to the Hirntrust army. This perverted form of Rap music is infectious and causes major damage when administered to minors but still is able to cause serious damage to unstable adult minds. Protect your children and cover their ears (and eyes) whenever you see Hirntrust products popping up somewhere near you. Don't feel safe, evil lurks!    
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