Set for release on September 13th via Blu Fin is Pierre Deutschmann's newest longplay audio assault named "Betroit", a name paying homage to the two essential cities mainly responsible for the rise of the underground dance music they use to call TECHNO. And so is the album - instead of riding the so-called, slowed down Nu Wave Of Techno like many others Mr. Deutschmann focuses on the very essence of this music - straightforward drums, dark'ish and sci-fi-sounding tones, shifting patterns and a straight "no bullshit" attitude when it comes to pure dancefloor functionality. But "Betroit" serves more than that, especially when it comes to the electroid excursions of "Area 1507" that unveil a certain deepness lying within the string melancholia covered beat abstractions and sub low basslines or the futuristic stomper "Looking Backwards" that - although causing kickdrum induced devastation on the dancefloor - has a bit of a 28th Century Jazz feel to it when one listens quite closely. And it's these little twists and turns that keep the attention level high when one listens to the thirteen tracks and two skits of "Betroit" as a whole album which, in clear opposite to a lot of other Techno albums, is an exciting and partly even anthemic - "Hunch & Guess" ! - journey. Plus a recommended one for the lovers of raw, uncut but still advanced electronic dance music.         
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