Deep listening music has come a long way. From it's appreciated heydays in the so-called ChillOut areas of the Rave scene or at great festivals like Interference to a near to total ignorance throughout the noughties. Now it's time for a backlash again and Jette Von Roth's album "Komische Welt" is - at least hopefully - the start of a huge wave of releases to come, taking care of soothing beauty, beatless floating and uber-lovely swathing sonic affairs for those who want to sit back and relax, no matter if coming straight from the dancefloor in need of a break or just close-eyedly converting your personal armchair into a psychoacoustic spaceship drifting through calm, rainbow-cloured multidimensional spheres. Released on Roter Punkt run by herself and Schöneberg-based legend of german electronic music Mijk Van Dijk "Komische Welt" is available on the digital circuit right now and to be purchased from all reasonable download stores. Super nice. Get.     
[baze.djunkiii /]

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